Published: 03rd August 2011
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The main purpose of an Ethernet router is to send packets of data from one terminal to another. This terminal could be a computer to a router or from one router to another. Basically it helps in sending data over computer networks. An Ethernet router receives a data packet, checks its destination address from the address book it has in its memory and then based on its destination it forwards that data packet to the nearest other router or directly to its destination computer. When we send data over the Internet, these data packets are forwarded over to many different routers before they finally get to reach their destination computer.
An Ethernet router is most often used in homes or small organizations like schools where there are multiple computers that have to share a single Internet connection. To use a broadband router in such a setup you first have to make sure that all other computers or other devices that will become a part of this network have a NIC (network identification card). Without this NIC they cannot communicate with each other.

Before choosing which type of Ethernet router you need to buy, first consider the type of network you are setting up. You have two options. Either set up a wired network or set up a wireless network. If you are looking for mobility go for a wireless network. Secondly consider your security requirements and your speed requirements from your network. If you have many laptops in the network consider buying a wireless router. If not, then you can do great with a simple Linksys Ethernet router. Just do not forget to setup your firewall.
Each router has a different number of ports on it. Depending on the number of computers you have to connect buy an Ethernet router with that number of ports plus a few extra for future expansion. In home networks a 4 port Ethernet router is one of the best. If you are looking to connect together several peripheral devices through USB in your network like a printer, scanner etc that you need to share, then getting a USB Ethernet router will be a good idea. For heavy business use, go for the industrial Ethernet router.

Now in regards to your speed requirements, if you have fast Ethernet cabling, buy a fast Ethernet router to correspond with it. For higher speed, purchase a gigabit Ethernet router. Next you have to consider your source of Internet connection. If you have a DSL internet connection you will need to buy the DSL router. If you have a broadband Internet connection you should buy a broadband router. Finally if you have an ADSL Internet connection you should purchase an ADSL router. Finally you have to choose from among a whole range of manufacturers. In the world of networking devices, CISCO is one of the top best companies. From this company you can get a very good Linksys router. A D link Ethernet router is equally valuable in terms of quality and performance. Based on all this information, buy an Ethernet router that your network needs.

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